At the time of any short-term business or project , organizations look up for stable & skilled but temporary resources who are equally skilled & experienced when compared to the permanent hires. Kanban has specialized team of resources who brings to you the desired temporary resources for your critical projects or changing business requirements. We have a robust & dynamic pool of candidates working on contractual/temporary basis having diversified skill-set , meeting up the requirements of our clients & matching up to the desired SLA’s. 

We have a huge list of our partners who continuously look up for resources, who are ready to take up the work for the defined time period. Our pool of temporary candidates are never short of work, rather they are been continuously looked up by our clients to take up new work, trending technologies & help them in updating their skills & enhance their expertise & even get opportunities to go over-seas to take up major work- assignment. 

Temporary staffing services helps the companies to avail the benefits of the most updated versions of work resources from the market , cut-down on technical training cost of new hires , option to hire the source permanently if they find him suitably good for their organization etc. 

Candidates on the other hand become a trending demand in their job field , because of their immediate/timely availability & latest knowledge of required skills , gets opportunity to take up new challenges in their job, exposure to different organizational culture & chance to build a trending career.

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